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website design and mobile application development at 40,000 naira promo
August 6, 2017

The ₦40,000 Website and Mobile Application Deal

Let’s imagine that you have never bought Garri in your life and you suddenly have a life threatening need to get garri, would you go to the streets looking for flyers, banners, or posters advertising Garri? I am sure your answer is a No; will you ask google? Yes, will you post it on Facebook? Yes, will you look for the answer to…
20000 naira website promo
June 29, 2017

The 20K Promo: Own a Blog and Accompanying Android App

For the month of June 2017 we present to you the most exciting deal for bloggers and intending bloggers. The promo consists of a complete blog site thats linked to a beautifully designed Android mobile app. The application will be uploaded to the Google Play Store for all who take advantage of this offer.