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The ₦40,000 Website and Mobile Application Deal

By August 6, 2017August 18th, 2017No Comments

Let’s imagine that you have never bought Garri in your life and you suddenly have a life threatening need to get garri, would you go to the streets looking for flyers, banners, or posters advertising Garri? I am sure your answer is a No; will you ask google? Yes, will you post it on Facebook? Yes, will you look for the answer to your everyday needs on social media or internet before going out to the market? YES.  This is why you need to take your business and give it an address on the internet, why have you delayed so long on such a decision that implies that more than 50% of the Nigerian population are never going to hear about your business. This scenario applies to just about any business you are doing that is offline right now. People are looking for you online right now, your website ensures you don’t lose these potential customers. Unlike other possible ways of reaching out to potential customers with a website the success of your outreach is highly controllable. The capacity and reach of your platform is totally yours to control and manipulate. if you do not have a website,  this is your first step,  Lets change this together today, and we won’t stop there we’d go further so you can go farther with sales or whatever goal you aim to achieve by reaching out.

We are offering you a mouth-watering deal right and now:

  • Free Hosting for a whole year.
  • Free Domain name for a whole year.
  • Customised Email accounts
  • And E-commerce Store (if needed) with Payment Gateways Integrated
  • SMS notifications to your phone from the online store when new orders are placed
  • We would help add your first 10 products to your online store
  • A mobile application that profiles your company and makes you more visible on the internet.
  • Support for the websites for the first 3 months is free through our support system which you can “walk” into 24/7

All for ₦40,000 and Delivery in 3-5 days.

We have more than ten (10) years of web design experience with samples you can check  here. This is not an offer limited to just business owners, maybe your desired goal is not money and you want something that smells of credentials, charm, and capacity. Probably a personal profile is what you need, a place to tell your story to the world, a landing page, a web home for people who believe in your values and would want to connect with you. This ₦40,000 deal is just perfect for you, you can call 08058435798 or 08039540050 or follow this link to get started, create an account when prompted or login as appropriate and we will take it from there.

N.B: Promo ends 31st August, 2017


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