Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications for just about any Idea or Business. Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Applications.  

Games Development

We love games, we play games why not make them. We develop addictive games, both desktop games and mobile games.

Social Campaigns

We ensure you spend less on social campaigns and still get the word out to your audience, the right audience.  

Videos & Animation

Convey your message better. For presentations, illustrations and online publishing. We create, edit and publish.

Graphics Design

Ranging from simple Logo Designs to Banners and Billboards. Sleek, simple and precise.

Website Design

Getting the best out for your “perfect” first impression on the internet. 

eCommerce Solutions

Sell it! We create beautiful sleek shopping experiences for your clients. 

Project Xi

Our in-house projects changing the world and our interactions one solution at a time.  


We do great work – Here’s a bit of the most recent

April 12, 2023


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August 8, 2017 Our Instagram Scheduling Service Launched

If you are the busy type you might be used to looking for the best productivity tools to save you time as well as keep up with engaging your numerous followers. Instagram is a great platform to engage potential clients especially since its said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Instaposta is a service that allows businesses manage…
website design and mobile application development at 40,000 naira promoPromo
August 6, 2017

The ₦40,000 Website and Mobile Application Deal

Let’s imagine that you have never bought Garri in your life and you suddenly have a life threatening need to get garri, would you go to the streets looking for flyers, banners, or posters advertising Garri? I am sure your answer is a No; will you ask google? Yes, will you post it on Facebook? Yes, will you look for the answer to…